Commission Pieces

Carolina Arevalo This May All be Happening Right Now ch.jpg
Carolina Arevalo This May All be Happening Right Now ch.jpg

Commission Pieces

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When creating a new art piece I don’t have a sketch but a collection of feelings in mind. It’s the drawing that rearranges itself while I go into a meditative journey through my heart and spirit. I start by understanding my feelings and putting an intention for the present and the future, then by using sacred geometry, cartography, acuity enhancement and symmetrical repetition in my paintings, I see an explanation of how my psique works, reminders of where I’ve come to and where I should go next; they are maps of my own evolution. Seeing how transcendental and healing this inner journey has been for me I would like to offer this meditative ritual to everyone who’s in the search of a better understanding of their human experience. This time around I want to create by having other people’s experience in my mind, putting an intention for their lives and their souls and produce a visual result that will reflect their own journey, process, and hopefully a vision of what’s to come in their personal adventure. Each commission piece will be made after having a conversation in the one we’ll talk about where are you in your life, your experiences, how are you feeling now, what goals you’d wish to accomplish, etc. After hearing this I will proceed to create a unique work of art that carries all the essence and power of what the conversation evoked. The idea is to become a transumer of what people carry inside with the intention of transforming their personal story into a vision, a path, a silent companion, a reminder, an aid, and maybe, an ally in your quest of balance and inner peace.

The artwork will be made first come- first served. After ordering you will receive the estimate dates for production and shipping or pick up. Consultations are scheduled for mutual convenience and availability.

Consultations will be scheduled via Skype, Hangouts or other video-chat apps. For clients acquiring artwork 18x24” or bigger, the meeting could be held at the artist’s studio in Brooklyn, if desired by the client.

The image the client will receive won’t be discussed before starting. Meaning, no sketch will be given, as the image will unravel itself while being created, having the previous conversation as the artist’s catalyzer.

If asked by the client a revision will be set during the work is in process, for works 16” x 20” and bigger. All artwork will be made on acid free 300g/m2 watercolor paper.

Drawings will be majorly black, white and gold ink. Paintings will be of a variety of colors, if desired by the client, a specific gamma of colors may be discussed during the consultation

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